vendredi 5 octobre 2007

T.V. journal assigment # 2

Oliver and Lisa Douglas spent their first night in the farm. They sleptan old military camp bed and Lisa had a nigntmare. She thought she slept on farm. But it was a reality. In the morning Lisa need to learn how to make a breakfast because in a farm the woman made a meal. But she never do that,a neighbour woman came in his house to help her to make a breakfast. She tryed to made a pancakes but it's not a good idea.Oliver Douglas wanted to began to work on his farm.But Lisa want him to fix the house before. For that he decide to called an interior designer to come from Picsee

vendredi 31 août 2007

T.V. journal Assigment # 1

This program is an old t.v. program,probably around 20 years old. I chose this program because
i watched this show 4 years ago at ''canal D'' on Sunday morning. It's the ''Green Acres''. It's a very
funny t.v. show and the level of English isn't too high for me. I can understand and follow the

First of all you have Oliver Douglas and his wife Lisa. they live in the most prestigious building in
New York City. Oliver Douglas is a Lawyer but all of his life since he was a child , he wanted to
become a farmer. But his parents didn't want their child become a farmer. After the end of his
studis he goes in army for became a pilot during the World War Two. when the war finished, he
was hired by the biggest Lawyer office in New York as an associate. But he realy didn't like living in
the city, no fresh air,too much traffic and unfriendly people.

His Wife is Lisa and she love the city and luxury.She like the most beautiful penthouse and luxury
dresses and the big and dynamic city.She don't understand the project of her husbend to became
a farmer but she propose to her husband an altenative: I can grow vegeteble in a pot on a balcony.
But for Oliver Douglas this situation is not enought. He told to his wife,that he went on a business
trip and when he passed by small farmer town ,he baught his farm.

When he came back to New York he announced to his wife but she made a deal with him to rest in farm 6 months because she doesn't like this idea. When he begins their installation his wife realise her husbend baught an old shack but he wants to fix it alone and start to grow vegetables on his farm. But they don't have electricity, phone and hot water. For water they have only a old manual pump in backyard of the farm.